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Instagram is an online tool used by companies and individuals to help the growth of their businesses and make them profitable by letting users know their personal or professional brands and therefore earning subscribers. And as in every business, you need to find the right people to market your services; in this case, loyal followers who will like your pictures, comment and engage with your content. Once a large number of people know, like and trust you, you become an influencer and it is at this point when sales start coming!


The Facebook-owned company announced the past 26th of April (2017) that it has 700 million monthly users, each one of them interested in a wide range of topics. Here is where the different niches become an important sales target, what makes this Social Media App an indispensable for any business or personal brand that wants to start or increase their benefits. The real question is:


‘How can I get the right followers?’


Present your account

Instagram is driven by images. They are the engine of the app and the most important key to make your account successful or unsuccessful. The presentation of it must leave your visitors speechless.

Post attractive images with great quality and be aware that they must be coherent with your brand identity. The type of pictures you use and the harmony you create between them makes the composition of your page determinant for visitors to decide to follow you or not. So try to be sophisticated when it comes to updating your content!

Make sure you elaborate the perfect biography and promote your business website or blog. Don’t forget that’s the reason why we are here!

Focus on the right people

It is very important to focus just on your niche and on active accounts. Everyone else is usually a waste of time.


Basic rule

Like to get likes, comment to get comments and follow to get followers.

Explore… Have fun! If you are an active user, you will get traffic to your account. If you want users to appear, make them appear! Don’t expect things to happen if you do nothing to deserve them. Earn it!


Types of followers

I’ve made a distinction between the endless number of users I’ve found while working on the development of my Instagram account. Among all of them, there are:




○ Easy followers:

They have less followers than people they are following (- followers, + following). This type of users tend to follow people without thinking too much about it. If you have an attractive page, they will follow you with no doubt, especially if they have just a few followers.


○ Hard followers:

They have more followers than people they are following (+ followers, – following). They are not likely to follow others. This means you will have to interact with their page and earn their trust. Like lots of their pictures and comment to make them know you. If they like and comment back but they don’t follow you, don’t waste your time… They’re not interested.


○ Undecided followers:

Users who find your page and engage with it, but don’t end up following you. It means they interact with your page to make you aware of who they are and try to arouse your interest, but they are not sure of following you. If you answer them back, like lots of their pics and let them know that you are a loyal follower, they will surrender at your feet.


Note: Always look around your niche (see who follows the accounts that have drawn you attention).

There is where you will find potential followers.


Never be afraid of following back. It places you in the last position of someone’s followers, what makes you an easy target for those who are looking around their niche to find potential followers and you can be one of them! As you can see, Instagram is a spider’s web.



○ Loyal followers:

The accounts with the same or similar number of ‘followers’ and ‘following’ are normally loyal users. They follow their followers, interact with them and pay attention to their updates. These are the best choice. Always follow them. You will get their followers, their loyalty and their engagement. These are the key ones.


○ Popular accounts:

Normally you won’t get a follow back from a popular account. The only function of these accounts with a lot of followers is to provide you with more followers because people go after the last followers of popular users as they feel identified with them (as you do when you look around your niche to find more potential followers). But don’t trust these profiles, they are not loyal; they can unfollow you very quick.


There’s something you need to know about this type of accounts. Some of them have unreal followers. There are systems that give you followers if you pay a considerable amount of money for them (some are even scams). This tactic has become very popular as businesses use it as part of their marketing strategy to gain more followers, but you can prove they are fake by checking the number of likes they have on their posts and the amount of followers that appear on their page. If someone has 30k followers, but less than 300 likes on their pictures… There’s something fishy going on here!


Be smart and rationalise your time!

Your instinct plays an important part when it comes to detect who is a potential follower, who is not and who is fake one. You will find a lot of fake users only interested in getting your likes, comments and following; and once they get what they want, they’ll unfollow you.

Don’t worry if an account doesn’t follow you. With its large number of users, Instagram is full of new leads. Go for the next one!

Do not put too much effort into the same account. Time is priceless and it will give you the experience, knowledge and wisdom to increase your followers faster without wasting hours and hours.



How to find new leads

There are so many different ways to find new leads, but the most common ones are the following:

Post new pictures frequently and use hashtags. If you update your page and write relevant and attractive content to your niche, plus providing links with more content, you’ll get traffic to your account very soon and you will avoid unfollowers.

Go to your home page, like pictures and see who comments on others’ updates. This way you just found people who interact. Go to their accounts and depending on what type of user they are, act in a way or another counting on the information I’ve given you.

Search for hashtags related to your niche. Discover pictures that fit with your brand style and who have posted them. These can be potential followers and also potential leads to find new ones.

Take the most out of the “discover menu” that the app offers you. Instagram tracks your activity and it knows what your interests are and what your niche is. According to this, it shows you accounts that may interest you to find potential followers and leads.

Don’t miss any suggestions when you follow someone. Instagram helps you to find similar accounts than the one you just visited. They also appear next to the “Follow” bottom as an icon like this ?, so you don’t necessarily have to follow someone to get this info.



What type of follower are you?

Spend an hour of your time interacting on Instagram every day having in mind everything I just explained to you and you’ll notice a huge improvement in your account in a very short period of time.


Keep all this information and have a look at it anytime you need by downloading my FREE GUIDANCE ON HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT AND GET THE RIGHT FOLLOWERS BY A LIFE DESIGN BY ME!


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave your comments down below or contact me! 🙂

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<span style="font-size: 14pt;">Do you want to change your life? Start here and now</span>

Do you want to change your life? Start here and now

‘I want a better life!’, ‘I need a change’, ‘I’m tired of my job’, ‘How can I spend more time with my family?’, ‘Is it possible to work from home?’… A lot of people ask these questions to themselves every single day. So don’t worry, you are not alone!

If you are reading this it’s because you want to change your life and you are ready to take the next step in order to start a new adventure. I’ve been there, I know the feeling… That’s why I totally understand what is going on in your mind right now. You are probably scared of leaving your comfort zone, or you just have no clue where to start. We are humans and it is completely normal to have doubts and to be uncomfortable with what is new and unknown for us. Our minds are design to stop ourselves from anything that might hurt us. We run away from uncertain things because there is no safety in difficulty. But in order to achieve our goals and become the person that we want to be, we need to take risks; we need to fight and overcome those fears.


Make a change

If you are not happy with your life, change it. If you are not happy with your job, look for something that fulfils you. If you do nothing, you will get nothing; you will continue to struggle and you will regret not taking action in the future. Find your motivation, believe in yourself and fight for what you want. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it!

This is not an utopia. If you pursue your dreams as I and so many did, you will have time for yourself and for the ones around you, you will find a job that enables you to travel the world and you won’t have to worry about your money income ever again. So… Stop being afraid! Set your goals and do what it takes to achieve them.


You are not alone

If you need anything, I am here to help. It took me time to realise that my life wasn’t what I wanted it to be and to make the determination to change it. You will experience ups and downs all the time, but if you want to improve your lifestyle, you need to reprogram your mind-set and aim for success. No matter what gets in your way; if you work hard and you transform obstacles into something positive, you will WIN. I can assure you that.

Always remember: failure is part of the process. Failure will give you the inner strength to develop the self-discipline necessary to be successful.


Stop thinking about it and GO FOR IT!