Do you want to change your life? Start here and now

<span style="font-size: 14pt;">Do you want to change your life? Start here and now</span>

‘I want a better life!’, ‘I need a change’, ‘I’m tired of my job’, ‘How can I spend more time with my family?’, ‘Is it possible to work from home?’… A lot of people ask these questions to themselves every single day. So don’t worry, you are not alone!

If you are reading this it’s because you want to change your life and you are ready to take the next step in order to start a new adventure. I’ve been there, I know the feeling… That’s why I totally understand what is going on in your mind right now. You are probably scared of leaving your comfort zone, or you just have no clue where to start. We are humans and it is completely normal to have doubts and to be uncomfortable with what is new and unknown for us. Our minds are design to stop ourselves from anything that might hurt us. We run away from uncertain things because there is no safety in difficulty. But in order to achieve our goals and become the person that we want to be, we need to take risks; we need to fight and overcome those fears.


Make a change

If you are not happy with your life, change it. If you are not happy with your job, look for something that fulfils you. If you do nothing, you will get nothing; you will continue to struggle and you will regret not taking action in the future. Find your motivation, believe in yourself and fight for what you want. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it!

This is not an utopia. If you pursue your dreams as I and so many did, you will have time for yourself and for the ones around you, you will find a job that enables you to travel the world and you won’t have to worry about your money income ever again. So… Stop being afraid! Set your goals and do what it takes to achieve them.


You are not alone

If you need anything, I am here to help. It took me time to realise that my life wasn’t what I wanted it to be and to make the determination to change it. You will experience ups and downs all the time, but if you want to improve your lifestyle, you need to reprogram your mind-set and aim for success. No matter what gets in your way; if you work hard and you transform obstacles into something positive, you will WIN. I can assure you that.

Always remember: failure is part of the process. Failure will give you the inner strength to develop the self-discipline necessary to be successful.


Stop thinking about it and GO FOR IT!

8 thoughts on “Do you want to change your life? Start here and now

  • I agree with you, we need to leave out of our comfort zone if we want to make big changes that will improve our lives.

    People and not easy to change and when they decide it, they may have seconds thoughts as they usually do not find support from friends and family. Especially when you test unusual for them things.

    But we only live once, we must live as we want.

    • Hi Ilias!

      I totally agree with you. I think we all have second thoughts when we step out of our comfort zone and face something new, as we are uncomfortable with uncertainty and afraid of failure. Here is when the power of discipline and perseverance plays its part.

      The process is difficult and sometimes frustrating, but we need to set our mind to be prepared for tough moments and overcome these situations to achieve what we want. Once we beat the obstacles and get positive results, the reward is indescribable. 

  • I thank you for your encouraging words. We all need encouragement because it is much easier to stay put than to change. Change takes effort. I like your comment that if you do nothing, then you get nothing!
    You have encouraged me to set a goal, and to start right NOW to fulfill it!
    Many thanks for your timely words!

    • Hi Marcie,

      I’m so happy to read this! That is exactly why I’m here; to inspire and encourage others to go for what they want and start right now! 🙂 I really appreciate your words and I wish you all the best in your journey to success. I truly believe that if you make the effort and set your mind to WIN, you will get wherever you want to be.

      If you need anything during the process, I will be here to help!

      Thank you!

  • A life change is definitely what’s needed for me right now because I’m one of the those stuck in a low paid job and searching for a way to change my situation and become financially free. 🙂

    However, I have come across many people who are tired of where they are in life and just “wish” things would change instead of putting the wheels in motion to “make” things happen.

    But for those of us who are prepared to action, I think it’s great that we have you and your website for support.


    • Thank you so much for your kind words Neil! 🙂

      I totally agree with you. As our wonderful Walt Disney once said: “If you can dream it, you can do it!” My purpose is to help those people who haven’t taken action yet and encourage them to do so. 

      I wish you all the best in your journey to success!  

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