How to earn money online with some help

<span style="font-size: 14pt;">How to earn money online with some help</span>

The online economy is growing up every second. Users are now more aware of the benefits of buying online and the trust to reveal credit cards to unknown pages has increased thanks to the security that actually exists in the system. People spend more time surfing the web looking for information and reviews about their interests and needs. We’ve never been so close to knowledge and that’s why this is the best moment for us, entrepreneurs, to take advantage of the power of the internet and learn how to earn money online! But if you are a newbie, just like everyone else has been before, you may need some help to start.

Here in A Life Design By Me you are going to educate yourself in this area and follow step by step everything you need to know to be successful online.


The process

The internet is driven by content. People are constantly looking for content. It is our job to make it relevant for them. This is how we attract customers, the key to any business success.

It’s not necessary to be a technician or have an extensive Curriculum Vitae. All you need to know is the tools and the process needed to sell products or services and develop your own skills when it comes to creating content. It’s not about having the best website or the best technology. It’s about creating the right type of promotions for the right people.


  1. Create relevant content
  2. Generate leads to your website
  3. Make a list of subscribers
  4. Build a relationship with your audience


1. Create relevant content

We are more connected than ever and we have access to any type of information, products and services through the web. Users have become more demanding with the brands and they can see the satisfaction of other customers who have already made the purchase.

How to differentiate ourselves from the rest?

It is obvious that in a world surrounded by so much competition, we must stand out to be known. A strong brand positioning plays an important part on this. But, how to get there?

Find what is exactly your audience need (do your own exhaustive research) and create relevant content to make them trust you above others. Be creative, empathetic, natural, caring and helpful. It is normal to struggle at the beginning, success always starts with failure. It is on us to learn from that failure and turn it into success.


2. Generate leads to your website

It is very important to generate traffic. Without it, your chances of earning money will be reduced.

Target the right audience. Keywords in this case are essential. You can see what people are typing on the main search engines in sites like Jaaxy or Keyword Planner by Google AdWords. These webs help you to optimize your SEO, see how those keywords perform and make your campaigns or posts more competitive.

Once you get traffic to your website, things are much easier because you enhance the engagement with your potential clients and here is when the real fun begins! Sells will start to come. Just make sure that what you are promoting match your niche desires and needs.


3. Make a list of subscribers

Most people don’t buy the first time they see something. It normally takes a person 7 times to see the offer they are interested in before they actually make the purchase online. It is very important that our audience feel safe.

Keep and organise email addresses. You will ask for them in exchange of something that delivers real value for the customer for free. This way you can follow up with them, gain their trust and make sales. When you encourage them to join your list and they do so, it means that they are already interested in buying and therefore you can market effectively to them.

If you contact them and provide them with relevant content that will help them to live better and cover their needs, they will know you, like you and trust you. When they get to this point, they wont buy only one product, but as many as you promote.


4. Build a relationship with your audience

Establishing a connection with your list is very important to earn their trust and loyalty. If you show them that they are important to you, it will benefit you over time. Engaging with your customers and making them feel that they are not just another user with a bank account will increase the emotional connection with your brand and build long-term relationships = more sales.

Listen to your audience. If you listen and prove them you heard by giving them what they want, you will be in the first position in their mind when it comes to make a purchase.

Let them know that you care. Small details will be decisive at the moment of truth. Remember the importance of delivering a great customer experience to develop lasting relationships. Get to know your niche and fight for them to stay.


6 thoughts on “How to earn money online with some help

  • Thank your for sharing that information on how to earn money online. I did read about the part of building a list of subscribers so that you can earn their trust and provide them with relevant information. What’s a really good email program to use for this? I’ve heard either Aweber and GetResponse are among some of the best ones, but are there any others?

    • Hi Brian!

      Thank you for stopping by and for sharing your comment 🙂

      I’ve been using MailChimp since I started to create email marketing campaigns. It is free to sign up, unlike others as Aweber or GetResponse. I recommend you to try it; very easy to follow and it provides great results.

      Let me know if you need anything else. I’m here to help!

  • I like the four steps you introduce to earn money online.
    I am on the third step and I can say that the every step sounds tough until you learn how to overcome it.

    I really enjoy the process until now. In your opinion, how often should I send content on my list?

    • Hi Ilias,

      If you are already on the third step, congrats! You’ve come so far. I like the word ‘overcome’; it means you are working hard and facing your fears and insecurities. Overcoming the difficulty of the process leads us to success, not just because we are getting closer to our goal, but also because we are learning how to take control and stay focused to accomplish everything we set our mind for.

      That is indeed a really good question. In my opinion, if you send emails very often you are disvaluing your content. Subscribers get tired very quick and it is very common that they disengage when they see their inbox full of emails of your brand. When this happens it is very difficult to earn their trust again, so we must be very careful.

      It actually depends on the products or services that you are promoting, but I think 2-3 times a week when they just subscribed to your list would be great, and then the emails should be reduced to once a week.

      It is very important to create relevant content for our niche and build that connection with them but without being intrusive, otherwise we will lose them.

  • Hi Maria

    Thank you so much for this post, very informative I hear a lot online the money is on the List, but it’s so many stuff online and those days we receive so many junk in our email box, that you really don’t know what to open and what should I trash, then that takes to point 4 BUILD A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR AUDIENCE, for me this will be the most difficult part, Do you have any suggestions, how to accomplish that, thanks again

    • Hi Great Site, hard Niche!

      I agree with you that building a relationship with your audience is the most difficult part. We must create a strong emotional connection and make them feel that we care about them. They key is to offer them VALUE. It is essential to know what they need and provide them with a solution to the problem they are facing. 

      I play a lot with insights; situations that we all go through at some point in our life, but we are not really conscious about the positive impact of those moments and what they mean until someone enlighten us. I try to make people think and therefore improve their lifestyle.

      You can use videos with content that you consider they might be interested in, send helpful PDF documents or eBooks, tell relevant stories to make them feel identified with… But the most important thing: BE YOURSELF. Stay true to who you are and what you do, share your passion in the most natural way and everything else will follow!   

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