What is the key to success in life

<span style="font-size: 14pt;">What is the key to success in life</span>

I’m writing this post from a beautiful town in the North of Spain called Noja. Sitting on the balcony of my hotel room with sea views makes me realise how important is to be grateful and appreciate what you have. Being able to share my journey to inspire and help you find motivation to success in life while I enjoy the peace and positive energy that the ocean transmits me it’s really a luxury.


But things weren’t always like this…

I felt lost not far from now. I had no motivation at all. After having been studying for so long and having worked hard in so many different jobs looking for my place in the professional world, none of these positions made me feel

complete or motivate me to get up every day wanting and willing to give a 100% of myself in what I was doing, purely

and simply because deep inside I didn’t like what I was doing; I knew I was prepared for much more.

I wasn’t happy. I reached a point where I arrived home after work crying almost every day, I had completely lost my self-confidence and I thought that the problem was me, that I was useless and unable to feel fulfilled.

The last of these jobs made me realise that I wasn’t the problem, I was indeed the solution. The problem was that I was doing things because that was what everyone was expecting me to do. I was following others dreams, but not my own. I was the one who needed to make a change and fight for what I truly wanted: to have professional and personal freedom.



How everything changed

One day, guided by my instincts, I decided to cut everything off and look for courses to educate myself on how to become an online entrepreneur. I can tell you that I’m so glad I did! It was such a relief once I took the first step.

When you need to decide between two roads and you know which of them is the right one, the one that will get you where you want to be (a 99% of the time will be the difficult one), but each has its pros and cons and you are so afraid of making a mistake, it’s such a relief when you finally choose. It is hard to break out of your comfort zone and leave things behind, but when you do, what awaits you outside is so rewarding that you won’t regret for a second the decision you made. We need to take risks in order to progress and as Warren Buffett says, “Invest in as much of yourself as you can, you are your own biggest asset by far.”

If you make the same decisions, you will get the same results. So make a different choice!



Accept the challenge

Make the decision!

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped” – Tony Robbins

Find what you want in life and go for it without looking back. You have everything you need and nothing to lose, so set your mind to WIN! It may not happen at the moment that you want it to, but you need to understand the process. Focus on going step by step; don’t stare at the finish line if it looks too far away, the point is to start and make the effort. Once you start walking, you will eventually get where you want to be.

Believe in yourself, work hard and be patient. Good things are worth waiting for.


Stop being lazy

Who said it was going to be easy? You need to be strong and here is where self-discipline plays its part.

  • Decide what you want and push yourself every day. Remind you every second why you started; no one is going to do it for you.
  • Take action towards the goals you want to achieve and commit to make them happen. If you truly want it, you will have time for it. Make yourself proud!



When you do something that it seemed impossible in the first place, it’s amazing how good it feels. Even if it’s a small acquirement; that means you are getting closer to achieving your ultimate goal. I’m sure you’ve already experienced it at some point in your life.


Success comes with hard work, effort, hustle, determination and patience. You will never see successful people staying home doing nothing. They stand up and get things done. If one single person can make it happen, so can you!



Never lose vision

Become obsessed with what you are passionate about and never stop looking for ways to achieve it.

If you want to live on your own terms, if you want to have time to travel the world, if you want to spend time with your family and friends, if you want to make money working from anywhere…

  • Always stay focused. Don’t waste your time and energy on things that you can’t change. Don’t stress about things you can’t control.
  • Be persistent, determinant and positive. When there’s a will, there’s a way.
  • Outwork your competition. Work harder than everyone else.
  • Make the most of your momentum. Push yourself every day in order to accomplish whatever you want. Here is where the impossible becomes achievable.

It is important that you understand that failure is part of the process; never let it bring you down, even the greatest have failed once. We are humans and we make mistakes, but we learn from those mistakes and turn them into something positive to achieve success.


Dream BIG!



10 thoughts on “What is the key to success in life

  • I believe many of us get caught up in what is considered the “norm” type of lifestyle. When you live by someone else’s expectations of you, you lose your self-awareness. The process stops you from being a free will thinker. No one should have a comfort zone. when creating a comfort zone you stop growing

    • Inspiring and wise words, Maurice! Thank you so much for sharing them with us. Keep encouraging people as good as you do! 🙂

  • Thank for for a such inspirational article. I get what you said about coming home from work and feel like crying. I used to work at the hospital where I had to work 12 hours shift. And I would come home mentally and physically drained. Even though I was making decent paycheck, but I was not happy. Until one day I came across wealthy affilate, my life is changing, and will contiue to change for the good. You story just made me more motivated. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome article.

    • Hi Hong!

      I got you. I am so happy you found your way to happiness and I can feel such a positive energy through your words. Thank you! Keep motivated and don’t ever lose your vision! If you are persistent, you will get wherever you want. I’m glad you came across this post and remember I will be here if you need anything during the process!

      Wish you all the best and every success in the future,

  • The key to success, what a nice article it made me feel good. I was there where you were 4 months ago. I had a job with good pay but every day I would think to myself is this what I am doing the rest of my life? Now 4 months later I work from home and have about the same income with the potential to make 10 times more. now. Where would I be if I stayed at that job?

    • Hi Rodney!

      I’m so glad it made you feel good. That motivates me even more to keep writing!

      WOW. Congrats! You pursued your dreams and look where it got you! You have personal and professional freedom now and that’s my blog’s main goal! To help other reach that. I would love to hear how did you make it. Please share your full story with us so we can inspire others to make it possible.

      Thank you so much! Keep shining 🙂

  • This is such an inspiring post – thank you for putting it out there. I especially like the part about making the most of your momentum – that is such an important point to remember. Especially if you are like me and you start of strong but sometimes get discouraged. I hope all of this positivity is multiplied for you as your success grows. Thank you!

    • Thank you so much Leslie!

      Whenever you get discouraged (which is something totally normal as human beings), remember why you started and come back to this blog! It will help you find your inspiration again!

      I wish you all the best and every success in the future,

  • I’m glad that you finally broke free from your cocoon and spread your wings. You are an inspiration to me. I hope to be reading some more of what’s to come. It’s true if you want it hard enough you have to work for it, at first then later on it’s smooth sailing. Now I have to get off my b*tt! Thanks for the tips.

    • I am humbled by your words Kelyee. Thank you so much! It means a lot.

      There is more to come very soon! I would love to have you here again. Stay tuned! 🙂

      I wish you all the best and every success in the future,

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