About me

Hi there!


My name is María, a friendly and passionate Spanish girl graduated in Advertising & PR, Communications, Fashion Industry Management and Event planning.


After finishing my degree in 2014, I found no job opportunities in Spain because of the crisis we suffered. So, like so many other young people from my country, I decided to move to London looking for professional career development.


I worked several hours per week in retail, customer service and hospitality jobs to be able to pay my bills while I was looking for my dream job in this new city, very hard to find because I didn’t have enough experience in marketing. I also worked as a model booker and as an independent sales advisor, until one day I realised that none of these jobs were making me feel fulfilled and happy. This was not what I expected when I finished my studies ready to conquer the world!


London gave me a lot in terms of personal growth and self confidence, apart from my partner who I met there, but suddenly I felt that this adventure was coming to an end. So, leaving the love of my life behind (we agreed to stay together in the distance until we could reunite again), I packed all my stuff with so many emotions going through me all at once and decided to come back to Spain now that things are getting better to start from scratch with the only purpose of being able to build my own business in the future, this time very sure about one thing: I will work on myself and for myself from now on. I don’t want work to take control of my life, health and time anymore.


What I want is to have freedom and do something that makes me wake up in the morning and jump out of bed beyond excited about the day ahead; something that I’m passionate about and also allows me to have a great lifestyle, travel and spend time with my family and friends!


Are you in the same (or similar) position as me? Let’s change our life together!

🙂 🙂 🙂